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Welcome to the HABITAT NETWORK website
Connecting people and habitat

Last updated November 2021 -
So excited Habitat Network in partnership with Hunters Hill Council Bushcare has won the Regional Partnerships for Landcare Award.

Check out our Resources page especially our updated Look and Listen brochure and our latest activities photos.

For rural areas we have created a web page and poster about Improving Linear Corridors - A3 version (7.03MB) and A4 version (6.70MB).

Our community native plant nursery and community food garden "The Habitat" is open every Wednesday and Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. If you would like to buy some native plants or food plants for your garden or to discuss habitat, native plants, food plants or weeds do come and visit. Find us at Santa Rosa Park, 251 Quarry Road, Ryde.

See our Brush-turkey brochure on the Resources page. And a photo of a cute Brush-turkey chick on our - Bird photos and YouTube links page.

Become a friend on our Facebook page, see link in side bar.

Also read about habitat in your garden in a bush fire prone area (223kb).

Find out about creating small bird habitat corridors and connections including a practical example - Hunter's Hill small bird habitat corridor. (1.8MB)
Read about the Shrimpton's Creek habitat corridor project.
Find out how to Improve Linear Corridors in rural, peri-urban and urban areas.

Lookup photos and YouTube videos:
- Australian habitat plant photos and information pages
- Habitat Garden photos for inspiration
- Bird photos and YouTube links - for simple pictorial bird identification
- Animals in the backyard, encounters and habitat photos
- Activities photos
- Native plants for my garden - click on a habitat plant photo to see an information sheet.

- Habitat Network Youtube channel.


What is the Habitat Network?
Creating habitat in your garden
Our partners
The Science and Animals in my Backyard Surveys
The Habitat - Community native plant nursery and community garden
Links to other habitat and sustainability projects
Links to interesting information
Become a member
Graffiti & planting habitat barriers
2RRR - Real World Gardener
Join Bedlam Bay bushcare group
Small bird habitat corridors and connections and how to improve linear corridors


The Habitat Network is a network of people conserving, reconnecting and creating habitat for the benefit of our native plants and animals enriching our environment and our community.

Our aim is to reconnect isolated populations of small native birds, pollinators and other native animals which through loss of habitat are rapidly disappearing from our urban and rural environments.

By including small pockets of native plants in our gardens, we can provide wildlife habitat. Connect to your neighbours and encourage them to include a habitat area in their garden and you have a start of a corridor. Why not get your whole street involved?

We can also work with our local Councils, bushcare and landcare groups to conserve our bushland and habitat areas, extend our bushland edges (specifically for habitat) and plant habitat havens (protective bushy islands) to enhance or create native corridors.

If you are in a bushcare or landcare group or a street habitat / community garden group please think about how to connect your patch to the nearest bushland area to extend or create a habitat corridor. Let us know what you are doing and we will help to promote your project. Wouldn't it be fantastic if we as volunteers could help connect habitat all the way across our city, town or region. As our population increases these connections will be vital.

The Habitat Network is a Restoring Natural Capital project being run by International Environmental Weed Foundation (IEWF). IEWF is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. Visit our websites:


IEWF now has a representative on the Greater Sydney Landcare Network committee and Landcare NSW Council. We encourge all bushcare and landcare groups in the Greater Sydney area to join the Greater Sydney Landcare Network. Please find out more by visiting www.greatersydneylandcare.org

To find out how the Habitat Network started and read about some of our activities see our article "Networking, Habitat Restoration, and Restoration Education in Sydney, Australia" (813 KB) published in the Ecological Restoration magazine - June 2010 - special education issue.

Innovation Award 2011 and Landcare NSW Group Champion 2017
In May 2011 the Habitat Network won both the Innovation Award (joint 1st) and a Highly Commended for Urban Landcare. These were awarded by Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority as part of their 2011 Regional Awards. Well done to all of our Habitat Network members and to all who help with this project. Please see our "Activity photos" page above and read about other winners n the SMCMA 2011 Winter Mambara Issue 31 (pdf 1.15MB).

Also see the video about the Habitat Network produced by SMCMA and look for the other winner's there too.

In 2017 Habitat Network was a Group Champion at the Landcare NSW Awards - October 2017. This award was for our work in establishing and running The Habitat and for the work of our volunteers with the Shrimptons Creek Small Bird Habitat Corridor which delivered habitat havens and connections planted along aproximately 2.5 km of creekline.



Click here to:
* find out why we want to re-create lost habitat,
* learn how we can create habitat,
* see our habitat plant photos and information pages to discover what you may like to grow, and
* read our Habitat Network member's stories and see their photos.

Please see and print:
Planting a small bird habitat haven A4 (814 kb). and
Planting a small bird habitat haven A3 (835 kb).
Planting a small bird habitat haven A2 (851 kb).

Also see Australian native plant photos and information pages here.

Also read about the early days of the Habitat Network and the Hunter's Hill small bird corridor project (1.54 mb).


We have a number of Resources including diagrams, information sheets and brochures which we encourage you to download and use. There are also simple to use web based resources which are there for you to use.



Visit our about us page to find out more about us and our project partners.



We have some wonderful people helping us survey, monitor and build the foundations for expanding this project. It is invaluable that we collect information about what is happening. You can help us collect this information by recording what you see in your garden or in nearby bushland. We would also like to hear about street trees and plantings that you see working as habitat corridors. Please follow this link to read about the Science and to find our "Animals in my Backyard Survey" form and how you can help us.



The Habitat is being run by the community in partnership with City of Ryde at Santa Rosa Park, 251 Quarry Road, Ryde.

If you would like to learn something new, meet new friends, share your knowledge and do something which will help our local environment come along to The Habitat. Volunteers are always welcome - visit us between 10am and 4pm any Wednesday or Saturday.

Check out The Habitat - and find links to other community nurseries, community gardens and related sites HERE.

If you would like to be involved please email info@iewf.org or simply drop in for a visit.



Follow this link to see other habitat and sustainability projects. Please let us know what you are doing so that we can network with your project too.



Habitat and native animal information, and interesting projects creating crossings and connections for nature and people can be found here.

Here you can find other useful information, including other networks, articles and research, and other fauna related websites.



Find out how easy it is to become part of the Habitat Network click here



We are encouraging planting habitat to deter graffiti and add to security while creating a habitat haven. Download our Habitat haven a natural graffiti barrier information sheet (413 KB) and A3 poster (454 KB)


2RRR - Real World Gardener

Check out Marianne Cannon's "Real World Gardener" program on local Sydney radio 2RRR 88.5fm Wed 5pm and Sat 12 noon. You can also listen to interviews with local experts: http://realworldgardener.blogspot.com


Join Bedlam Bay bushcare Group

Find out more and join Bedlam Bay bushcare here.


Small bird habitat corridors and connections and how to improve linear corridors

Find out about creating small bird habitat corridors and connections including a practical example the Hunter's Hill small bird habitat corridor (1.68MB)
and read about the Shrimpton's Creek habitat corridor project.

Check out our poster on how to plant a small bird habitat haven in your garden creating a valuable connection between habitat areas A3 size and A4 size.

Find out how to Improve Linear Corridors in rural, peri-urban and urban areas.

Posters and other materials are available on our Resources page.


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